Ocypod uses Redis as a storage backend, and it's recommended to use a dedicated Redis instance (or at least its own DB) to avoid any clashes with other key spaces.

The latest stable release (5.0) is recommended, though there are no known issues using 4.0 or 3.2.

Running from Docker

The simplest way of running Ocypod is using Docker. Images can be found at:

The examples directory contains a sample docker-compose.yml file that can be used to get Ocypod and Redis up and running quickly.

Building from source

Ocypod is written in Rust, so you'll need a Rust installation to build from source. Ocypod is generally built/tested using the latest stable Rust compiler release.

To build:

$ git clone
$ cd ocypod
$ cargo build --release

Check built executable:

$ ./target/release/ocypod-server --version